Blair Christina Blackwell was born and raised in Detroit Michigan to the world of Motown Music. Both Motown and Hip-Hop have greatly influenced her sound and the development of her brand. The Queens and Kings of soul and Funk were introduced to her at a young age by her grandfather,  musician Joe Weaver - Wikipedia. She trained at Howard University in the Musical Theatre program learning classic techniques for voice to apply to her recording artist endeavours. 

She began to study feminism purchasing a plethora of books learning about feminism and what it means to incorporate that voice into her own music and to uplift and celebrate the beautiful depths that women are. She stands to bring strength to her music reminding women of all ages to love their freedom and power. She is passionate about changing the double standards that unfortunately thrive in our generations. She uses everyday to research and write about her personal experiences with breakups and the beauty of finding strength to fall in love with herself and bring awareness to these daunting matters that will hopefully one day be destroyed. 


In the summer of 2016 she began the work for her very first project New Era. She carefully chose beats and wrote her own songs to truthfully tell her stories. She searched for both trap and soulful beats to marry both feels for her audience. On February 14th 2017 she released part one of her project New Era to and performed on various stages standing out as the only woman on line up's from Washington DC to Austin Texas at SXSW. Blair is now working on her second project entitled Humility with her first single Commencement to release June 19th , with the rest to release in July of 2017.

Blair plans to use her career to make a difference in the way our society places limitations on girls and even young boys. She believes that her voice can move mountains and barriers for her daughters to come. She thrives in her passion for setting a better example for those who have been shaken and broken that no matter what anyone has told you, or done to you, you are bigger and better no matter what size, race, age, or flaw. Blair hopes to carry and fulfill a fabulous legacy with her stories through music and also represent for all the ladies with short hair too:).


Photographer: Alexis Lanez

Musician: Blair